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Organizational Consultant

You know the stuff....  it builds up all around you. What do you do with it all?  Financial documents a mess, business AND personal.  I can help you....

Together we can de-clutter your home and/or office, keep only what is pertinent or meaningful to you. Need your tax forms from 1989? They are in box number 4, under 'Tax Info'! Need your Dental Insurance forms from 3 years ago? It's in box 17, Under 'Dental Insurance'. Want to view all you children's artwork from kindergarten? They are in box 1, in your 'Personal Memories' section.

Contact me for references if you are interested.


I live in/around Los Angeles and Orange counties. I drive from the San Fernando Valley to Pomona, from Pasadena to Yorba Linda. I drive all over the place. If you are in or around any of those areas, you know where they are, and/or can gauge where I go. But I am not limited to just those areas... contact me, we can work something out!































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