So many places….  So little time…..

As a kid you take for granted all the places you get to go. I went to Hawaii several times, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada; traveled coast-to-coast by car several times. I even sailed to Canada on a 149-foot schooner (also drove there once)!

As a young adult, or as an adult now…. so far I have only been all over Mexico (easy to get to by car from California) and even further into Mexico, by plane, to Cancun.

Somehow, paying the mortgage and monthly utilities seems to take precedence over travel funding! My friends and I have done a lot of weekend trips into Arizona, Solvang, Nevada, and more of Mexico! 🙂 While I don’t get to see them that frequently these days, my friends mean the world to me. It’s the main reason I go on Facebook – while it is a black hole at times, I love to catch up on my friend’s lives through FB.

My boyfriend David and I just bought a home in Slidell, LA. When we started to search, it was ‘where do you want to live?’ ‘I dunno.’ Well then, what do you want in a house? So it’s on the water…  here is the view of our backyard. You can see this from the kitchen:


I would love to get to many other places; mostly Europe and the surrounds. Only time will tell….. until then….

Boat drinks, my friends… little umbrellas, fruity… in a hollowed out pineapple. Laying in a hammock above the white sandy beach.

Boat drinks…


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