Need some help from an Organizational Consultant?
You know the stuff…. it builds up all around you. What do you do with it all? Financial documents a mess, business AND personal. I can help you….

Together we can de-clutter your home and/or office, keep only what is pertinent or meaningful to you. Need your tax forms from 1989? They are in box number 4, under ‘Tax Info’! Need your Dental Insurance forms from 3 years ago? It’s in box 17, Under ‘Dental Insurance’. Want to view all you children’s artwork from kindergarten? They are in box 1, in your ‘Personal Memories’ section.

I live in/around Saint Tammany Parish. I drive all over the place. If you are in or around any the area, you know where Coin du Lestin is? You can gauge where I go. But I am not limited to just local areas… contact me, maybe we can work something out!


Aside from the clutter, I can assist with writing your resume, your business plan, your portfolio – you name it, I’ve had experience with it!

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