2I have way too many things I am interested in. I like camping, 4X4s, shooting (firearms, target ONLY – no hunting), SCUBA diving, making jewelry, reading, boating (sail and motor – only own a motor so far (boyfriend does, anyway)), classic cars and trucks, crochet, interior decorating/design (we are DIYers), video games and computers. I’ve probably forgotten a few!

I signed up for the Great Sunflower Project growing some sunflowers to attract and propagate bees! Okay I had a fluke-y set of sunflowers. They were supposed to be single headed and 6 feet tall. Some were. Some were 12-headed and 9 feet tall!

Here are some other personal items I would LOVE to have:

  • A new digital SLR camera
  • An underwater digital camera housing, or just a good underwater camera.
  • SCUBA Spare Air Tank (Pony Tank) with holster, or really any safety-related underwater gadgetry.
  • Boat trip tickets for SCUBA locally/Florida coast or elsewhere.

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